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A team of rock-stars committed to making differences in the property management. No literal rock-stars but we are all really good at what we do and no, we are not ashamed to admit it.



    Rental Assessment

Our experienced team will provide you an independent, unbiased and reliable assessment of your rental property. We appraise the value of your rental property based on the following factors: time of year, other properties available, school zones, type of property, features and target market...etc. We offer you a rental price range, and then a start price, which we would suggest we begin marketing.


    Advertising Your Rental Property

Our high-impact advertising and marketing campaigns enable us to cast a wide net to ensure that we have a large pool of applicants from which you can select a quality and suitable tenant. Your property will be advertised as available to rent on various platforms, including,,, and other local media platforms at a minimum cost (For management listings, we will waive all the advertising costs for you). We will also erect a ‘For Rent’ sign outside the property if desired.


    Organizing Open Home to Prospective Tenants

We will arrange open homes for prospective tenants to view your property until the property has been let. All viewings are conducted by one of our property managers. Tenants can view your property either by appointment or through a prearranged inspection time. Frequent open homes are conducted even during the weekends. In most cases that the leaving tenants are still in residence, we will use our experience and negotiation skill to obtain access as often and quickly as possible to ensure that your property is rented with the minimum loss of rent between tenancies.


    Tenant Selection

Our first goal is to protect your property. We interview prospective tenants prior to accepting their applications. Tenants are required to fully complete an application form as well as to provide a valid photo ID. We then conduct the reference check, background check, and credit check. Tenant selection is one of the most important aspects of property management so we will always ensure that you are part of the process. We will keep you informed during the whole selection process. Most importantly, the final decision is yours – we will only sign the contract on your behalf with your consent.


    Tenancy Agreement Signing Up and Pre-tenancy Inspection

Once a tenant application is approved, we will meet with the tenant to sign up the tenancy agreement, explain our procedures and answer any questions the tenant may have. We will confirm with tenants about the tenancy information, rent amount, initial term of the lease, bond payment...etc. all the details. We will explain our management policy and our requirements during the period of the tenancy. These are all carried out as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. A comprehensive initial property inspection is completed at the start of each new tenancy. Inspection findings are recorded as much detailed as possible during the inspection and the new tenants are required to check the report and sign acceptance of the property as detailed.


    Bond Collection and Lodgement 

We collect a minimum of 3 weeks' rent for bond money for your property and this will be lodged to Tenancy Services as required under the Law. The house key will only be released to the tenants after we receive the agreed total amount of the bond money. Bonds will not be released until a final inspection has been carried out and all parties are satisfied the property has been left in a clean and tidy condition with no damage and all rent money has been paid.




    Rent Collection and Monitoring

Our tenants are required to set up online automatic rent payment and pay their rent on time and in advance. Rent payment and other expenses to be paid by the tenant are monitored on a daily basis and our zero tolerance rent arrears policy kicks in immediately should a payment is not received on the due date. The tenant will be contacted then a formal 14-day notice to remedy will be issued. We track rent payments, follow up on missed payments, and take action when necessary. If the arrears are still not paid, the tenants will be contacted again and a Tenancy Tribunal application will be made for a mediation or a Tribunal Hearing to obtain an Order for payment and/or an end to the tenancy.


    Routine Property Inspections

We will ensure the tenants are taking care of your property with routine house inspections. Regular inspections are completed during the tenancy at 3-month intervals or as required by you/your insurance company. If we spot any issues that the tenant needs to fix, we’ll send them a letter, arrange the work and then re-inspect your property. This is an opportunity to pick up on maintenance issues and truly take care of your property.


    Property Maintenance and Repair

It is important that properties are maintained to ensure continuity of optimum rental income. We have established a network of reliable and honest trade people and handymen who repair and maintain our client’s properties without unnecessary or excessive expenditure. Some companies receive a commission from tradespeople. GRALIN agrees NOT to accept any form of commissions from any tradesman. Our policy is this service should be open, transparent and built on trust with the property owner, and none of the owner’s money is wasted. Copies of all invoices are of course made available to our property owners.


    Disputes, Tribunal Mediation And Hearing

We prepare all applications for dispute resolution under The Residential Tenancies Act 1986. GRALIN has the right to make an application to Tenancy Services at the same time the 14-day notice is sent to the tenant. The matter will then be heard via Mediation for an arrangement. If a satisfactory arrangement cannot be reached by mediation, the matter goes on to the Tenancy Tribunal Hearing where an adjudicator makes the final decision. Our attendance at the Tribunal is at NO cost to the property owner. We are proud of the fact that only a very small percentage of our tenancies end up with a Tribunal Hearing because we strive to resolve issues as early as possible.


    Rent Management & Financial Statement

All monies received by us, after deducting fees and disbursements will be banked into your nominated bank account. Landlord payments are made twice on the 1st & 16th of each month by direct credit. If these dates fall on a weekend or public holiday, the payments will be made the business day after. With GRALIN Property Management you have a 24/7 secure online access to your account via our online owner portal. You can easily see all the details on what/how/when funds have been collected and spent. Additionally, monthly statements are also emailed to you on the 1st or 2nd working day of each month to show you all the monthly income and expenditure in details. At the end of each financial year, property owners will receive a Year End Summary statement for the tax purpose.




    End of Tenancy and Bond Refund Process

When the tenant submits the notice to move out we will contact you to discuss what you would like to do. With your consent, we will start advertising and looking for new tenants once we confirm the moving out date with our current tenants. We aim to keep the vacancy period to the minimum and to protect your rental income.

For the leaving tenants, often the bond will be retained where the tenant has left the property damaged or in an unsatisfactory state. Bonds are never refunded unless all rents and water bills are paid up to date and any damage is accounted for. Where the bond does not cover any damage then applications are made through the Tenancy Tribunal to have the tenants made responsible for reimbursement of damage costs. GRALIN will manage this at no extra cost.

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