Katie Liao

Property Manager

Katie is an intelligent and dependable team player with the confidence to excel tasks in multi-positions. Katie moved to New Zealand in 2012 with her family and has been living in Remuera since then, so she knows Auckland central properties and communities very well.

With positive and optimistic character and can-do attitude, passionate in her career, Katie enjoys the working atmosphere in Gralin.  By fifteen years working experience in marketing sales and nine years working experience in local business show her great communication ability and skills in coordination, implementation and quick response to emergencies. Having graduated from Master of Business Administration in Yunnan University, Katie has strong professional background for problems solving, business management. Throw herself into Gralin property management, Katie is happy to contribute her knowledge and abilities to serve our clients.

Outside workplace, Katie loves travel, music and hiking. Having traveled to 26 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania, Katie understands different cultures from ethnics.