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You might be thinking: why not manage my own investment property myself? What is the necessity of employing a property manager to do the job?

It is IMPORTANT to ask yourself:

  • Do I possess a thorough understanding and knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act 1986?
  • Do I know how to market the property to attract maximum potential tenants?
  • Do I know how to select a good tenant?
  • Do I know how to lodge tenants' bond money?
  • Do I know the right procedure when dealing with rental payment arrears?
  • Do I have a concise knowledge of The Residential Tenancies Act 1986 to represent effectively in Court?
  • Do I know the correct procedure when the tenant has absconded the property and left outstanding debts?
  • Even I know the all above, do I have the time to do it?


If your answers are no or not sure, this is where GRALIN Property Management comes in. 



Different to other real estate agencies, we do not sell houses, or insurance, or mortgages. Instead, we have been able to focus on perfecting the process of just one thing, managing your investment property. GRALIN Property Management takes care of all day to day aspects of managing your rental property, ranging from finding tenants to collecting rent, from paying all the related invoices to arranging any urgent repairs that may be required. That allows you to sleep easy, enjoy your holidays while reaping profit from your investment.



Our competent property managers not only possess a strong understanding of their role, they continually increase their knowledge of changes to legislation, insurance requirements and industry and market trends to ensure all clients receive the highest level of service at all times. All of our GRALIN staff members receive training regularly from leading experts in property management industry which equips us with up-to-date knowledge, a deeper insight and latest technology. 



We place great importance on tenant selection. We understand the market and our property managers do everything in their power to ensure that your property ends up in good and safe hands. We conduct detailed background checks on prospective tenants. We do a thorough examination of their rental history, request for landlord references, and check their current credit standing. Our property managers will also interview prospective tenants individually to answer questions that potential tenants may have and also let tenants know our expectations. All of these factors are essential to guarantee that reliable and suitable tenants are secured for your property and the rental process will be hitch-free and as smooth as possible.



When you entrust GRALIN Property Management to manage your investment property, you spare yourself from worrying about whether you are doing the job correctly. And you will be saving yourself a great amount of time and possible headaches. Leave the responsibilities in the hands of the experts.

    You are guaranteed professionalism, politeness and a can-do attitude from all of our property managers at GRALIN Property Management. Excellence is always our goal, we understand our job and know exactly what to do.

    Fantastic communication – our property managers stay in touch with you on a regular basis so that you remain up to date on the latest developments about your property.

    A low vacancy rate is an utmost priority for your property. This means that with GRALIN Property Management, you earn more dollars as an investor.

    Latest operating system - our property management software will allow you to log in and view your rental account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are in the world.

    We utilise the latest iPad/iPhone to complete an inspection template, adding comments and taking photos. IPad can transform a traditional paper-based workflow to improve the way we record and track vital information, which enables us to keep you better informed in a more efficient manner.


Whether you are currently managing your own property, looking to replace your current property manager, or looking for somebody trustworthy to do the job, you have come to the right place.


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