Tenant FAQs

Below are the most frequently asked questions from our tenants. Check if there is anything you would like to know also. If your question is not listed below, contact us today!

Tenant FAQs 1: Bond and Bond Lodgement

Most commonly, we require 4-weeks' rent as bond payment. The bond will be lodged to Tenancy Services by GRALIN. You should receive a confirmation letter from Tenancy Services shortly afterwards. 

Tenant FAQs 2: Casual listing VS Management listing

GRALIN offers two types of listings as per landlord’s instruction:

  • Causal Listing: Looking for suitable tenants for the property ONLY.
  • Management Listing: Looking for suitable tenants as well as managing any tenancy-related issues on behalf of the landlord during the tenancy, e.g. rent payment, maintenance…etc.

Tenant FAQs 3: Who should I contact after the Tenancy Agreement has been signed: Landlord or GRALIN Rental Team?

For casual listing tenants:

The landlord will be your first point of contact during your tenancy. You are supposed to pay your weekly rent directly to your landlord. Also, you should contact your landlord directly for any other tenancy-related issues.

For management listing tenants:

GRALIN has been authorised and would act on behalf of the landlord from the first day of your tenancy to the end. Thus, GRALIN will be your first point of contact. You will pay your rent directly to GRALIN’s account. 

Tenant FAQs 4: Where should I make payments to?

Please firstly refer to your Tenancy Agreement.

  • Casual listing tenants: Please set up automatic rent payment directly to your landlord.

  • Management listing tenants: Please set up automatic rent payment directly to GRALIN’s account.

Note: you must also put correct reference information (your name+ tenancy address+ payment details), for example:

Particulars – Your Name (eg John Smith)

Code – Tenancy address (eg 39 Miro St)

Reference – Payment details (eg rent, or water)

Tenant FAQs 5: Who is responsible for the outgoings like: water, power, lawn…etc?

Unless clearly stated in the Tenancy Agreement, the tenants are responsible for the outgoing expenses: water, power, internet, lawn moving…etc.  However, some cases, rent may include some expenses.

Tenant FAQs 6: Insurance

Owners usually have house insurance but it does not cover tenant's personal belongings/contents. We highly recommend that you insure for your personal contents. Before you purchase any content insurance, please make sure you read and understand the policy wording thoroughly.

Tenant FAQs 7: How much notice should I give to you to end the tenancy?

►  Fixed Term Tenancy:

If the fixed term contract is due to expire, tenants should give us at least 28 days notice in writing to end the fixed term tenancy. If during the fixed term tenancy, tenants cannot give the notice to end it. However, try and have a chat with your property manager to find a solution together.

►  Periodic Term Tenancy:

Tenant must give us at least 28 days’ written notice to end the periodic tenancy.

Tenant FAQs 8: Maintenance and Repair

Take a quick look at our Tenant Self Troubleshooting Guide for an easy self-assessment. For non-urgent maintenance, please email your maintenance request to your property manager or our management team at If you have a maintenance emergency, please phone your property manager’s cell phone immediately. For life threatening emergencies, please call 111. 

Tenant FAQs 9: Where can I find more information about tenancy or renting?

Tenancy Services: 


Phone: General enquiry: 0800 836 262 (0800 TENANCY); For Bond enquiry: 0800 737 666 

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