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Our Tailor-Made Services to Look After Your Rental Investment As If It Were Our Own.

Over the past years' experiences, GRALIN  has accumulated extensive and successful experience in helping clients with the transition for their rental properties to GRALIN's management. 

We can arrange for the transfer of management of your rental property with minimal disruption to your tenants. Once we have your authority, we can notify your current managing agent of the transfer and arrange to collect all the relevant documentation to effectively manage the property on your behalf.

This is what will happen when contacting GRALIN:

  • Firstly, our experienced property management team will have a chat with you first to know about your current concern or issues which will assist us in knowing your needs and circumstances thoroughly. We will then adjust the scope of our services and tailor to your needs.
  • We strongly believe it is important for you to know the exact person/team who will be actually looking after your property behind. Thus, a best-matched property manager will be officially introduced to you. Our property managers will be working closely with you for the transition for your rental property as well as other tenancy-related issues in the future. 
  • Later, you will also be able to meet other staff from GRALIN: the letting agent (if needed), accounts team and office administration team. From the first day of contacting us, all these steps of your rental management transition to GRALIN will be monitored and supervised by a senior staff from the management level. Therefore, your satisfaction is guaranteed. 
  • Last but not least, a smooth transition will be conducted once we receive the authority from you and you will be kept well informed in every step during the transition.


Changing agents is simple and easy. Make the switch in just 2 easy steps!


Step 1. Have a chat with our friendly and helpful Gralin rental team.
Step 2. Provide us with the authority to act on your behalf.


If you’re not satisfied with the service you are receiving from your current property managers, make the switch to GRALIN Property Management NOW. We will do the work for you.


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