Tina Liu

General Manager

Tina came to New Zealand in 2008 and in her time has accumulated a wealth of practical experience becoming very knowledgeable in all aspects of the property management business. Starting as an office administrator and work the way up to leading the team in 2017, she is now leading and coaching her team to embrace new challenges every day and to provide the top-notch services for GRALIN’s clients. Tina’s leadership style is firmly planted in backing her team to succeed, by helping them to grow their profile and encouraging them to be the best in the business.

“With a decade of industry experiences, my goal is very clear, that is to maximize asset value, customer satisfaction, and revenue. People may think property management is just simply coordinating tenancies with rent ledgers; however, my goal is to help our client to maximum the financial goal. With the support from our Gralin team, we will provide the best property management service with the best income.”

She believes in the importance of professionalism, honesty, and Trust. When it comes to property management, nothing is more important than your trust. With all your trust, our energetic, and progressive team will enhance the best hustle free property management experience.

She likes outdoor activities like hiking and running. During her spare time, she will go hiking with her friend for a bush walk at Waitakere bushes, she says, walking and seeing those beautiful bushes makes her relax, it clears her minds and gets her ready for the next busy day..”